New Retail. Automated.

Autonomous robots for retails

30% Cost

30% of the cost compared to a promotion staff

100% Autonomous

automatically charges itself when battery is low

700% Conversion

people are 7 times more likely to grab products from it

1000% Exposure

creates 10X exposure for brands


A Team of Dedicated Roboticists, Creators & Friends

Wenke Ma

Wenke has been developing and maintaining the first open source robotics system, HandsFree, in China since 2014. The project is well recognized and widely used in universities, research institutions and individual developers. As a young entrepreneur, Wenke founded Taobotics in 2018 and is the tech lead and CEO of the company.

Xiangru Nie

After graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Mark worked at PwC as a corporate tax consultant until he joined Taobotics full-time. He leads the work in finance and operations for Taobotics.

Yong Zhao

Yong is specialized in SLAM navigation, developed 'GSLAM', an open source general SLAM framework, which leads to 'RTMapper', a cross-platform realtime reconstruction software that's widely used in different applications. He is currently in charge of the core navigation system development and VSLAM research for Taobotics.

Zhikang Wang

Zhikang won second place in the IROS Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Competition, holds 9 patents, and is currently responsible for robotic structure design and supply chain management, preparing Taobotics for massive production.

Chen Cheng

Previously from the China Resourcess, Cheng had 3 years of experience in supply chain design for robot assisted logistics. He led Xi,an AGV warehouse project design worth 5 million RMB and he wasin charged of WMS logistic design for Fenggang AGV warehouse project amounted 300 million RMB.

Fandi Peng

Fandi graduated from Georgia Tech with Master's degrees in both CS & ECE, specialzied in interactive intelligence. Fandi is currently in charge of the operational and marketing works for Taobotics, and on the technical side, he is working on the UI design and application development.

HandsFree Project

The first open source robotic system in China.


Core Value & Vision

Tao is a Chinese word signifying 'way', 'path' or 'principle'. In traditional Chinese philosophy, Tao is the natural order of the universe.

The word tells what Taobotics does. Straightforwardly, we put mobile robots on their right “paths”. On a higher level, Taobotics is looking up to the 'principle’, striving to be a great company that pushes the envelope of human capacity, continuously and relentlessly.