Our Story

When you have deep love for something, you naturally want to make it perfect. Even though frustrated and haggard feelings may haunt you during the process, you’ll never hesitate to do so. That’s exactly how we sincerely believe in and look forward to robotics.

HandsFree, as the name suggests, is to free your hands. The core idea of HandsFree is to optimize the development process and to convey the design inspiration with freedom. This started from some childish ideas of young students, and implemented at the intelligent system laboratory of Northwest Polytechnic University. Although hard work and setbacks accompanied with the program along the way, we are duty-bound not to turn back with all our hearts. Fortunately, it leads to HandsFree continues to thrive. We are hoping to build a shared platform and a friendly framework easy to co-develop to create an opportunity which help robotic fans grow up together.

TAObotics is a company founded by a professional team with deep love for robotics and we are willing to contribute and share. Our goal is to provide incredible customer experience and inspired robotics solutions. If you are curious about the robot world, welcome to join us to explore the future possibilities.

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Our Journey

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